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Your first step to helping honey bees is to download Bee Haven Farms special report, Bee Active—Get Involved. Learn how your individual efforts can have an enormous and positive impact helping bees and expanding the entire save-the-bees movement. Get involved and download now.


We need you, the save the bees movement needs you. Make your voice heard. Are you capable of engaging your community? Speaking to  groups, educating people about the urgency and necessity of spreading the truth about bee population decline and the consequences of standing idly by when  immediate action is required to not only save honey bees, but ourselves as well.

Group Support

Do you belong to, or have access to, large groups of people? Church, school, work, fraternal organizations, veteran groups, women's leadership or concerned citizen councils? If you have a group of potential bee activists (50 or more), BHF will send one of our trained representatives to speak to your group absolutely free. It's worth our cost to offer this service because there is no time to lose. Members of your group can have a real impact, we show you how. Let's discuss your free Save The Bees presentation and fundraiser for your special group.

Corporate Support

BHF works with interested corporations, associations and organizations, and their employees and representatives to educate the community about the save the bees movement. When your group partners with BHF we support your brand online, at events and in our educational and promotional information.


If you have any promotional ideas to advance our cause and save the bees, please contact us with a brief description of your idea and how it benefits our save the honey bee campaign.

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