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Be an outspoken advocate of honey bee survival and protection

We must act now to save the honey bees. Without honey bees our world would be unrecognizable—80% of plant life dead, 35% of the global food supply disappears. Massive job loss, entire industries fail and global economic collapse.

It's happening now. In real time. If we lose bees forever, it will be an unimaginable tragedy. That's why I urge you to join us in our fight. Please support our noble cause with your generous donations and personal involvement.

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With your $25 donation, you will receive our newsletter and a Thank You gift.

With your $50 donation, you will receive our newsletter, a jar of honey from our First Harvest and a Certificate of Appreciation. 

Your $100 donation will help up purchase another hive of BEES!!! Our Thank you gift is a jar of honey from the First Harvest, our newsletter, our Bee Haven Farms Tee shirt showing your support of helping us help The Queen Bee and her colony survive and a Certificate of Appreciation.

When you donate at this level, we can purchase 2 new hives, another Queen Bee  and Bees to go in the hive. Our thank you gift will be 3 jars of honey. One will be from the first harvest from our first hives and the others from the harvest from these 2 hives, a Bee Haven Farms Tee Shirt, our newsletter and a Certificate of Appreciation.

Your $1,000 donation goes into our fund to purchase land for additional Bee Preserves. Our goal is 1000 acres of preserves in 5 years.  Our thank you gift is 4 jars of honey during the year. (except during winter months), a Bee Haven Farms Tee Shirt, our newsletter and Certificate of Appreciation.


Thank you for your personal involvement and generous donations to Bee Haven Farms! Save bees, plant flowers!

CONTINUING SUPPORT--A BHF Continuing Supporter makes a monthly donation. Your donation is received automatically.

Our continuing support donation is extremely important because it allows us to plan and budget our funds.


BHF is seeking corporate, association and organizational sponsorships. We will support your brand with our online presence, promotional and educational events. We invite organizations who want to partner in producing events and mass market educational videos.

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The most economical and immediate way to restore and replenish our honey bee population is by funding your own honey bee farm. In a matter of a few weeks, your farm can be in full operation. Our farm funders will receive quarterly updates about the progress of their farm and its production. Plus, several levels of recognition and appreciation.

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BHF would be privileged to receive donations for the purpose of a dedication or memorial to a friend, family member or loved one.

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