"It's About All of Us"

Origins of Bee Haven Farms revealed


My interest in honey bees started two years ago when I attended a program on backyard beekeeping. After intense study of the facts, available data and yearly trends—concern escalated into alarm.

What I learned about the future of honey bees is at the forefront of my mind. I can't just walk away and leave it to someone else. The decline of the honey bee will lead to its extinction, and then its too late. This is not only a passion for me, but an obsession.

I will not allow our children, and generations of children to follow, to suffer and live in a desolate world because of our collective apathy. I decided to take action. And to devote myself to reversing the decline of honey bees, provide eco-friendly environments for their hives, and hopefully develop a system of bee preserves that have lasting benefits for bees, their hives and we humans who depend on bees for our survival.

No Peace

I've not had a moments peace since I made the decision to become a bee activist.

Legal and accounting fees, website design, leasing land, travel expenses are only a few of my non profit start-up costs. I've put in two years of nonstop, unpaid work and thousands of my own dollars into BHF. I'm committed to…

  • Creating a safe haven for honey bees
  • Provide a pesticide and herbicide free preserve
  •  Promote a healthy environment for queen bees and her hive to live, produce, populate and prosper

 So I began the Bee Haven Farms project.

I'm not telling you this to impress you with my activism. I'm telling you this because without your immediate financial support, I cannot evolve to the next phase of development which includes…

  • Acquiring more 15-40 acre Bee Haven Farms
  • Purchase of bees and hives
  • Cost of bee keeping personnel
  •  Paying for fixed operation costs
  • Purchase of operational equipment

These are only a few of our immediate financial challenges. Not counting current ongoing operating expenses.

It would be dishonest not to admit we have a long list of challenges and critical issues demanding urgent action only your support of BHF can provide. Please help support this effort with your tax deductible donation, click here

Save the Bees

We offer several levels of support for businesses, associations and caring individuals.

Subscribe to BHF's free newsletter and you come face to face with the realities of a declining honey bee population in real time. And hopefully the news of honey bees recovery and return from the brink of extinction.

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No Time to Waste

Honey Bee colonies have been decimated. From four million in the 1970s to only two million today. There is no time to waste.

I'm willing to devote the remainder of my life and work diligently in pursuit of our noble cause. That's my personal promise to you.

I only ask you trust me to do the right thing with your subscription funds and to allocate those funds for the purpose intended—save bees and increase the honey bee population.

Join Us Today

Swarm over to my support level page and help honey bees as much as you can. Too much is at stake. We cannot be apathetic, we cannot fail.

Thanks for reading,

Lisa Brooks, CEO
Bee Haven Farms


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