"Science warns
of imminent global disaster"

35% of world food supply at risk with inconceivable economic consequences

Imagine a stark, colorless and barren world. An apocalyptic ecosystem. No flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, coffee, cotton or wool.

Global food rationing and diminishing oxygen levels trigger a domino effect of economic and environmental destruction of Earth as we know it. And a real possibility of the extinction of humanity itself.

Save the Honey Bees


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Without honey bees, healthy queen bees and hives, science is predicting a global disaster unparalleled in human history.

It's this simple. If our honey bee population continues to decline at the current alarming rate, we will lose 35% of the global food supply because 80% of all plant life will disappear. These plants produce the food we eat and the oxygen we breath. Humanity's existence depends on the honey bees survival.

Here Are the Facts

  • The Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services says "Bee pollination provides 35% of the global food supply or ONE IN EVERY THREE BITES OF FOOD."

  • 40-50% of livestock food is bee pollinated.

  • Honey bee population has steeply declined for two decades with an unsustainable 60% decline in 2012, prompting expert Jim Doan, director of the American Beekeeping Association, to declare, "There's no place to hide. The outlook is not good."

  • Numerous industries will vanish. Cotton, dairy products, agriculture, unemployment would skyrocket as the cost of food would dramatically increase. Dr. Roger Morse of Cornell University said if pollinators (honey bee) would disappear completely the economic value would be $153 billion.

Future Without Honey Bees

Any reasonably intelligent person should be concerned. The survival of the honey bee is in direct proportion to the survival of humanity. Our existence is at stake.

What To Do

We must save the bees. We must all become activists. We must help honey bees now because once they are gone, it will be too late for our planet and all who inhabit it.

Bee Haven Farms Solution

Bee Haven Farms is a new and exciting way for you to participate in our save the bees community. BHF is a honey bee conservation 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

BHF is a unique, economical and practical way for you to participate in the save-the-bees revolution.

What We Do to Help Honey Bees

BHF's ultimate goal is to stop bee decline and increase honey bee populations until they are no longer at risk of extinction.

Bee Haven Farms provides:


  • Informative quarterly newsletter revealing insider information about everything relevant to honey bee survival and progress being made in our battle to help honey bees.

  • Provide educational seminars, public presentations about the urgency of our declining honey bee population and the consequences of disregarding it.

Digital Presence

  • Social media and web presence. BHF will publish frequent blog posts telling the story behind our progress, problems and victories. This website is only the beginning.

Press, Media & Government

  • Use digital press releases informing the media of the dangers of our disappearing honey bee population and what must be done to prevent it.

  • We will inform congressmen and senators of the problems that require political solutions for the survival of bees.

Land—Bee Havens

  • Acquire 15-40 acre tracts (we've already leased our first 19 acre lot and evaluating several more locations).

  • Land will be chemical, pesticide and herbicide free.

  • Fresh water supply.

  • Bee friendly fruits, vegetables, flowers, clover, will be planted on each Bee Haven Farm.

Bee Management

  • Trained professional beekeeping at each BHF tract.

  • Hive management includes increased honey bee population and honey production.

  • Moderate honey product harvesting. Honey products will only be harvested when necessary for the continued benefit and growth of the hive.

We Need Your Help Now

BHF is new. If we are to succeed in our mission of increasing the honey bee population and avoiding a global disaster, your generous support is vital and urgent.

Go to the About BHF page for more details about who we are, what we do and most importantly, how you can get personally involved in the BHF project.


Stay Informed

Subscribe to BHF's free quarterly newsletter and watch our progress. Stay informed, learn how you can do your part, subscribe now.


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